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Käfer Messuhrenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, är den största tillverkaren av Dial Gauges och Dial Gauge Instruments i Europa.



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Contact Points and Extensions
Our full range of services is composed of the following branches:
  • Analogue Precision Dial Gauges
  • Digital Dial Gauges
  • Comparator Gauges Compika
  • Dial Test Indicators Lever Type
  • Precision Measuring Tables
  • Magnetic Holders and Magnetic Stands
  • Special Gauges
  • Depth Gauges
  • Analogue Thickness Gauges
  • Digital Thickness Gauges
  • Contact Points for Dial Gauges and Comparator Gauges
  • Accessories for Dial Gauges and Dial Test Indicators Lever Type
  • Calibration Service for Dial Gauges and Dial Gauge Instruments
Along with our Standard Catalogue Program we manufacture special versions of Dial Gauges, Dial Gauge Instruments and Contact Points according to customer request. For these customized solutions we can rely on our tool design and prototype engineering department with its long experience.